I'm going to be doing some simple updates to our (one and only) bathroom over the next few weeks and I've decided where I want to start.

Grant K. Gibson

Toilet paper is a big source of annoyance in my house. And just to show you that I'm not being a hard ass, this is what the toilet paper situation looks like at our house most all of the time.


Now I could put all the blame on the hubs for this one, but I am just as bad. I don't know what his excuse is but mine is very simple - my imaginary cleaning lady forgets to replace it each time she comes. I tell you, if she does it again I might have to pretend fire her.

So I think it is time to call a spade a spade - we are not avid toilet paper re-fillers in this house. Everyone has their strengths but that is not one of ours. So I've been thinking of alternatives. Storage alternatives. Not alternatives to using TP. That's just...wrong.

I'm thinking baskets.

all images via my Pinterest board
I bring home a new package of toilet paper from Target, unwrap said package, throw it in the basket and voila. No worries about refilling the roll.

Marital Bliss brought to you by the little black door. Consider this an early anniversary present hubs.

What do you think? Do you have a household quirk? A task that never seems to get done in your house? Ever do a search for toilet paper display in Pinterest? Don't. It's scary.


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