I see that smile on your face. I've got one too - it's Friday after all! But I'm also smiling because the lovely Abby from Abby M Interiors is here for Fess Up Friday!

Abby is one of the first people I started to follow on Instagram and I've been stalking following her ever since. Girlfriend can put together a glam dining room or a lakeside cabin like no other and I want each and every space she touches. But enough gushing, Abby the floor is yours...

Hi all!  I'm Abby M. and I'm so excited to be visiting Elizabeth's blog.  She's like my style sister--when I see the rooms she designs, I can't believe how much I love them.  I mean did you see the stripes she painted on her floor this week?!  Genius.

It's confession time.  Let's talk about this little piece below that's supposed to serve as a laundry basket.

This is my must-have item for entertaining.  Why?  Because right before someone comes over to our house, you can bet I'm running around with a laundry basket throwing random items in there that need to be put away.  I want to answer the door all breezy and casual, but rest assured, I've practically run a marathon right before you arrived, throwing anything I can in this laundry basket to be dealt with later.  

There you have it!  And if it's ok with Elizabeth, I'll make one more confession--I don't like beige.  Like ever. I want to love all colors but when it comes to beige and brown, it's just not my favorite.  I don't think "beige is a safe color."

Thanks for having me Elizabeth!  I hope I'm not the only one running around with a laundry basket. :-)

You are not the only one Abby. At least you have a basket, I just kind of throw everything into our walk in closet. And I'm sure you can guess how I feel about beige. :) Thanks for sharing!

Do you have to do a cleaning sprint before company? Ever answer the door in a sweat because of last minute prep? Who wants to take bets that Martha Stewart has a 'quick cleanup' basket?


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