It is only week 2 of the One Room Challenge (read week 1 here) and it is already time to get down and dirty - aka carpet removal.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, we removed the carpet several weeks ago, as soon as the leak was stopped and fixed, for obvious reasons. The carpet was already gross from years of kids, dogs, snacks etc. but the water made it officially unacceptable.

Since I am not a fan of carpet, and we still have many years of hard playing left to do in this room, I thought a painted floor would be a fun alternative. Call me crazy but I just wasn't feeling the maroon floor.

Removing carpet itself is a dirty, and at times violent job, but with the right tools and a willing partner it goes pretty quickly. It's the stuff that is under the carpet that is the real work. The tack strips, the glue, the holes left by all of the nails. Hell on earth. I followed Mandi's tutorial and it worked like a charm. I highly recommend it if you find yourself in need of a painted concrete floor, or even just carpet removal 101.

A few things I learned from the process - the lacquer thinner worked like a charm and the glue came up with little effort (I think the trash bags are the key). It was super smelly however and since we are in a basement, and ventilation is a bit harder to achieve, there were a lot of breaks throughout the process. However, the tack strip/nail removal and hole filling part was long and tedious. To put it simply, it sucked.

I never want to see another tack strip again. Ever.

It was a lot of work and it was hard work. And to be honest, I was rather crabby by the time it was all finished. Many gin and tonics were required to put me right again. But I stepped away from the room for several days (weeks really) until my strong work ethic the One Room Challenge put me back on track and ready for my favorite part - painting.

There is nothing like the instant gratification of paint to put you in a better mood. And the cocktails help too. It took two coats of primer and two coats of white to get rid of the 'ear infection' yellow on the walls but I was thrilled to do it as the room got brighter with each coat.

Once the walls were done I moved on to un-red that floor.

This time I did two coats of Kilz 2 Latex Primer and then two coats of Sherwin-Williams Porch and Floor Enamel.

Here are the floors after the first coat. Already better I think.

And here we are all painted. Wahoo! I can't get over how much brighter and bigger the space feels. Totally worth all of that cussing I did during the carpet removal/floor prep stage.

So I've done all of that work, only to arrive at the point where I'm ready to start the real work. It has to get worse before it gets better, right?! God, I hope so. And don't worry about the stairs, I won't leave them that way. But you will have to wait until next week to see what I do (I love a good tease).

The only thing that feels better than fresh paint is crossing something off the to-do list, so let's do it:
- Rip up gross carpet (floor and stairs) and replace flooring
- Paint and plank walls and bookshelves
- Recover estate sale chairs
- Create some sort of art station for the girls
- Paint chairs and table
- Repair and paint coffee table
- Create toy storage that doesn't involve the words 'pink' or 'plastic'
- Get some art on those walls
- Find rugs
- New Lighting

Be sure to check out how the others faired this week.

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And how about you? Have you ever removed carpet? Ever have the urge to stick a tack strip where the sun don't shine? I really hate those things.


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