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We are at the half way point people! (click here if you missed week 1 or 2) And what am I still doing? Painting. I am sure you are as sick of here about my painting as I am of actually painting. But we are in the home stretch, so stick with me. I promise good things.

Last week we were left with a nice bright, white room and a primed staircase.

But those of you who know me know I can't leave a room white for long. I am, after all, a color girl. Enter those mystery stripes I mentioned on the inspiration board.

The painter's tape came out and I got to work on one of my very favorite "I want to do that some day" pins, a painted stair runner.

And I can't leave the stairs all alone so I thought some stripes on the floor would be fun too.

The floors were simple to tape out. I just measured the length of the room, randomly choose a width for each stripe by eyeballing what 'looked good' and then divided the width out by the total length. Easy peasy.

The stairs were a bit trickier. These stairs, along with everything else in my charming old home, are not level. In fact, I think if you tried to put a level on these stairs you would actually be able to hear laughter coming from the treads. So trying to measure would just result in a trip to the sanitarium. So I trusted those eye balls of mine.

Using the same Porch and Floor paint from Sherwin-Williams, I painted the navy stripes. I went one shade lighter than the navy I used on the girls' dresser. And thanks to excellent paint, the floor only needed two coats. It helps to watch Orange is the New Black while you paint floors, in case you were wondering.

As for the stairs,

they need a little clean up but for the most part I am thrilled. My eyeballing would have been perfect if I hadn't decided to make the skinny lines just a tad bit thicker. I didn't overlap my tape perfectly on the left there, so mamma has some touching up to do. No worries.

And one word of caution if you are thinking of painting stairs: unless you have multiple stairwells in your house leading from one floor to the next, this is a task that can cause some grumpy tenants. When you look at those cute pictures on Pinterest you forget that said stairs need to dry for long periods of time, aka you can't walk on them. Laundry is then sitting, waiting, unable to be reached as though it is on a deserted island. And some people can't go downstairs and watch sporting events on their big TVs and they find this frustrating. Which some other people don't really get because the couch isn't down there anyway. But I digress. Also, painting stairs can cause you to contort your body in weird Cirque du Soleil ways. Just an FYI.

The floor stripes however didn't give me an once of trouble and they look just like I wanted them to. Look at those straight lines! Raise the roof with me people. This picture is right before I put a coat of sealer on so the floor now has just the slightest glow, a happy floor glow.

And in other news, I found the perfect rugs to go on this smashing floor. Some of the outdoor variety and some of the vintage flavor.

A sneak peak.

And one last update,

this is happening.

So I'm moving forward. I also found a few things for the room and am currently in the middle of a fabric do-over conundrum. I'll keep you posted.

What can we cross off the list this week?
Rip up gross carpet (floor and stairs) and replace flooring
Paint and plank walls and bookshelves
- Recover estate sale chairs
- Create some sort of art station for the girls
- Paint chairs and table
- Repair and paint coffee table
- Create toy storage that doesn't involve the words 'pink' or 'plastic'
- Get some art on those walls
- Find rugs
- New Lighting

Be sure to check out how everyone else is progressing:

Now spill it - have you ever painted stairs before? Did you remember to pick your phone off the dryer and put it in your pocket before painting yourself out of the basement for two days? I know I did, I was just checking.


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