No one is happier for this weekend than I am. I'll be honest, this week got away from me and I'm looking forward to a whole hour at some point to just sit down. So to kick off this glorious spring weekend, let's hear from the glorious Sarah Dorsey of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. Sarah creates some of the most amazing pieces and her keen design eye blows my mind. She's also in the semi-finals of the BHG Makeover Madness (click here to vote if you like) and has begun work on a old house full of potential. So Sarah, fess up!

Hi Little Black Door friends! I'm Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs and I'm so excited to be here today! I adore Elizabeth's blog, so it's such an honor!!

When we moved to Ohio from California, we quickly realized that our only options would be a furnished apartment/house. We're on blustery Lake Erie, so it's busy during the summer and practically vacant in the winter. The area is almost all (kitschy nautical themed) furnished vacation homes. One criteria in our search was a 2 bedroom .. so we could shove most of the furnishings in there.

So the guest room has turned into storage for the existing furniture and my thrifted finds while in Ohio. Coming from California - land of horrible thrifting to Ohio - land of plenty for oh so cheap, I got a little excited ...

Here's what came with the place ..

and here are my finds since I've been here (plus some project supplies).

It's not pretty, but it works while we don't have a garage! We're moving in a few short weeks, so hopefully I'll have a better location to store my finds!

Check out my DIY projects page and home tour for something a little more pretty :) and feel free to stop by my blog and say hi! I'd love to meet you!

Thanks so much for having me today Elizabeth!


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