We survived spring break! Several play dates, outings, babysitters, and a husband gone most of the week for work and we made it. Monday is here and a normal schedule can resume. Hip hip hooray! (Funny, that isn't the same reaction I used to have to the end of spring break)

One thing I did to fill my time after the girls were in bed each night was read a stack of magazines as tall as my dog. Which, in my opinion, is a damn good time. But it stirred up the yearly quest for change - a chance to sprurce things up again after the season so evil we will not speak its name.


Magazines and designers have long encouraged the idea of having spring/summer accessories (pillows, throws, curtains, etc.) and then a stash for fall/winter. The theory being the changes would be enough to make you feel as though you have a 'new room' of sorts without having to do any major (and expensive) changes.

Glitter Guide
Now I'm not talking "decorations" like throwing pumpkins around the room in the fall and adding rabbits in the spring. I mean decor, subtle but substantial changes that would give a different feel to a room. My trouble is always that my whim to change things never seems to line up with the change of seasons. Go figure.

So what do you think? Is this a "sounds great in theory but I'll never do it" kind of thing? Do you have a stash of pillows that you change out with the seasons?


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