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Our Fess Up Friday guest today needs no introduction, but since that's my job, I'll introduce her anyway. Welcome Emily, of Emily A Clark! Emily was one of my very first blog addictions and in addition to watching her create some pretty beautiful spaces, I've loved watching her family of five grow to a family of seven. Yep, seven. So Emily, fess up!

When I saw Elizabeth’s email asking me to participate in one of her Fess Up Friday posts, I will admit I got nervous. I feel like I’m a pretty open book on my blog, but there is a less than pretty side you haven’t seen of my life. But, today, I’m prepared to come clean and share my “dirty” little secret.

That’s right. I’m a van slob. Oh, and I could care less.
I know I should be ashamed of how big a mess our van always is, but I’m too busy to feel bad about it. It’s the one area of life that I just can’t keep up with, and it all comes crashing down in a big pile of papers, school craft projects, coffee cups and empty juice boxes on our van floor. I’m focused on a mission when it comes time to load kids in and out of the car, and trying to be tidy in any shape or form just goes right out the window. I’ve even seen some of our “debris” fly out of the van door when I’ve dropped the kids’ off at school. It’s not the most fun to see a teacher pick it up, turn her nose up and throw it back in the van. But, I’ll live. On the upside, I never fear that our family of seven will starve to death should we get stranded on the side of the road for any length of time. I’m 99% sure we could put together a small buffet, if need be.
Now, I will admit that on a couple of occasions, I’ve had one of the kids’ friends comment on how messy it is and have felt a little shame. But, you know what? I’m not the only one contributing to this problem. I have three older accomplices (stuffed) in the back seat who have willingly admitted to drawing graffiti on the back of the seats, causing a ketchup packet to explode all over the ceiling and sticking the world’s strongest stickers to our windows. It’s really an uphill battle that this momma doesn’t have time to fight.
Alright, confessional over. Don’t think less of me. I’m going to drive a really nice car with the cleanest interior ever when all of the kids leave for college. Promise.
I'm right there with you Emily! What about you?


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