Happy Friday indeed! Is it too early for a drink?

Before we get to today's Fess Up, let me do a bit of fessing of my own and let you know that I'm over at The White Buffalo Styling Co. today talking about finding my style. Head over and check it out. But only after you here what the lovely Julia has to say.

Julia is from Cuckoo4Design and she is a creation queen. The projects and ideas that Julia comes up with blow my mind and she has more energy that anyone I know over the age of 10. She is an inspiration for sure and I'm so glad she's here today. So Julia, Fess Up!

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm Julia from Cuckoo4Design and I'm so excited, scared and nervous to be here today. Love reading this series but putting one of your own secrets out there is a little nerve wracking.

Everyone has something to hide, right? Or maybe not? Thanks Elizabeth for giving me the chance to come clean today ;)

Well I've got plenty of quirks and also a dirty little secret. Most people that read my blog already know that I hate feet and body hair or when someone chews loudly but I have something that I have never shared on my blog or with people coming to visit our home.

My readers and friends are used to seeing our home like this:

Clean and organized. I get the question all the time about how on earth I keep our home so clean and organized? People can usually ring our door bell and that's exactly what they find. A clean home.

Well my secret is this. And I actually can't believe that I'm sharing this with you. It's so embarrassing but I have a catch all room where I shove everything and anything out of sight. 
It has many functions and there is even some system to the madness.

I'm squeezing my eyes shut while you are looking:

It's so dark and horrible down there. Yes it is my laundry/storage room and well yes those are even herbs drying in it. 
The room gets cleaned out twice a year but ends up looking the same after a couple of weeks. 

And the honest truth is that I need it. I have no plans of ever making this an amazing and stylish laundry room. It feels good having a place to shove something. It's all mine!
I might put a lock on it at some point though!
Gosh I look like a hoarder now and I'm ashamed of myself. My husband just told me that I'm ruining my blogging career with this post LOL. 

I hope you still give my blog a chance after this confession and come and visit me sometimes by clicking HERE

I love it Julia! If anything, I think this will only make your blog stronger, real life always wins. What do y'all think? I know I have a spot (or three) in my house that look like this. What about you?


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