Today's Fess Up Friday guest is a girl after my own heart. Nya, of Freckles Chick, is hilarious and we like to share many sarcastic and inappropriate comments and jokes. Anyone who can serve up large doses of witty banter and laughs is aces in my book. And she just so happens to live in one of my favorite parts of the country. What is not to love?! So Nya, Fess Up and do me proud!

Hello Little Black Door readers!  

I'm such a fan of Elizabeth & her Fess Up Friday series; refreshingly real & funny are right up my alley.  I'm stoked to be here!  On my blog, I share our renovating/decorating adventures & snippets of life with our glorious 2 year-old daughter.  I like sarcasm (even I don't know if I'm joking anymore).  I like red wine.

Hurry & scroll down to read my exciting post, just to escape that GIF!  ;-)

There are a bunch of things I will readily fess up to: I cringe at selfies on Instagram that are just digging for compliments (& have been guilty of it myself).  I think Justin Bieber might be Miley Cyrus (has anyone ever seen them in a room at the same time?).  I have read Get Off My Internets because when my blog stats show me that some of my blog traffic was coming from there, how could I not (hello heart palpitations).  I eat an entire wheel of brie in one sitting.  I sometimes check Instagram whilst playing with my daughter.  Some days, my "happy hour" starts at 5:00 pm 4:30 pm 3:00 pm.  I'm the first to laugh at most inappropriate jokes.  I curse too much & am working on curbing it for my kid's sake.  I love being active but can't commit to a regular workout regimen.  I don't understand spending tons of money on a haircut.  I'm not on FaceBook (or is it BookFace?).

But I couldn't construct a real post out of those confessions, so today I'm fessing up to the day-to-day state of our home (as others have done here).  If bloggers are honest, I think most of us can agree that if you were to rotate the camera a few degrees to the side on some of our blog-worthy photos, you would see chaos.  "Messy" is subjective to varying degrees but I think we can all agree that no one lives in a perfectly styled vignette every day, right?  If you do live like that, I'm so jealous (& also let's be friends).  My home is far from perfectly styled nor is it teetering on "hey squatters might live here".  It just looks lived in!

Look at me.....

Don't look at me!

The day I snapped pics of our clean living room,
 I just threw everything over the back of the sofa:



We're not hoarders.  We just like for each space to tell a story.
This space says: we might be hoarders.

Well, as long as we're clean, fed, happy, healthy & kind......I'm fine not living in a world of fresh flowers, brass/gold objects of curiosity, Domino-book-used-as-decor, fiddle leaf figs, karate-chopped throw pillows & such.  
Unless you totally have some & are willing to share :-)

Thanks so much for reading!
Thanks for having me, Elizabeth!


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