A while back I was at my all time favorite antique store when I spotted something I loved (no surprise there). True, I do always spot something I love there, or 10 somethings, but this was different.

It was an antique English bamboo armoire. Cue chorus of singing angels. And it was just the right size to go down in the family room for extra storage (more on that idea later).

Quick backstory - when I was 17 there was a fabulous antique English bamboo bed, dresser with marble top and armoire at an antique store I would go to with my mom. I lusted after it. Dreamed about it. But sadly I had nowhere to put it, as I was 17. And it was out of my price range, as I was 17. Not until now had I seen a piece in person that so closely resembled it.

But there was a problem. See the door on the right - it is closed all the way. That sucker is bowed. And when you open it, the whole piece makes this popping and cracking noise as if it was going to bust apart at any minute. And the top has a big crack running right down the middle of it.

The price is good, but the condition is not. So I did something that took all the willpower I had.

I. Walked. Away. (gasp)

My mom assures me my dad could fix it but I don't think the price is good enough to take in to account the months of hard labor. And at the pace my dad works, it would be months.

Now I grew up with antiques. I have antiques. I'm under no illusion that they should always be in pristine condition, but I would like the damn door to close without fear of the whole things falling in on me.

So I'm sharing to keep me honest. It is not worth the money to buy something in such bad shape...right? Even if it is so pretty?

My only solace is that all of these months later, it is still sitting in the shop. I visit it often and always check the tag just in case it goes on sale. No such luck.

Have you ever had to use all of your willpower in a store before? Ever bought something in bad shape just because you loved it? Know anyone who can will tell me this sucker can be fixed in a week?


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