OK, so it wasn't a bar, but it is still a good story. Two good stories.

First, remember this little gem I found a few weeks back?

Well after several trips back to the store to measure, stare and contemplate

the old girl is at home where she belongs. Our messy home. Sorry for the picture, but that's life.

She fits like a glove and I love her color, finish and pretty much everything about her. Now I just need to rip down that wallpaper. And paint. And get a new mirror. And pillows. And rug. Don't tell the hubs, but we've got another project ahead people.

Story #2 is a story of surprise, drama and intrigue. Or, if you follow me on instagram (follow me here) then it's a story you've already 'heard'.

Last Saturday I was on my way to a little store I love to source a table for a client. But I was early and they weren't open yet so I went next door to the Goodwill to waste time search for good finds.

And as I turned the corner I saw this.

Allow me to read the tag for you. $30 people. (ok, I added the 'people')

I took a picture immediately and then took a seat. Comfy. I lifted the cushions. Clean. I looked for stains. Negative (with the exception of one small crayon mark).

So with all of these good check marks I of course...walked away. I went on my way next store and went about my regularly scheduled errands. But I kept thinking about it. And thinking about it. We need a new couch for our family room. We'd been planning on just getting a slipcovered couch or sectional.

Plans change.

That night I googled to find out what time Goodwill opened and made a plan to go and get my little honey. Even the biggest snow storm we've had in 30 years wouldn't stop me. I piled my girls in the car, drove 10 miles an hour thru some heavy falling snow and slapped down my $30.

Whoop Whoop.

She is now were I put all my best couches, the garage. And my head is spinning about what to do with her. What colors would you use with her? What patterns? I think I feel an inspiration board coming on. Prepare to hear a lot more about this girl over the next few weeks.

Happy Weekend!!


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