Hello! On Monday we had SNOW all day long. I was having 4 girl friends for dinner that night but I stayed calm and set my table and got dinner cooked. I wanted to share my table here today. We DID have dinner, everyone made it here. The roads actually were fine so it worked out. Since it is Easter week, I set an Easter table. My centerpiece is these faux tulips, placed on my clear glass cake stand and surrounded by some tiny pastel eggs.
 The tulip candlesticks are the perfect pairing. I have sweet candle rings for these candlesticks that I just found TODAY:( I am STILL finding things:):)

 At each placesetting I had a small box with a bunny on top that can be filled with CANDY....or whatever you want! The place setting is on my cutwork tablecloth. I placed my basketweave chargers on the table first, then a cabbage leaf placemat, my polka dot dinner plate, my green and white patterned salad plate and a clear glass bowl.
 I used my green handled flatware.

 Here is a shot of the whole table. There were 5 of us so we sat across from each other to make it cozier. I also switched out the middle place setting to the other side to make more room since that side is open to the foyer.

 These chargers always remind me of an Easter basket so I use them every year. I just got the cabbage placemats, I had been SEARCHING for them and found them online.
 Here is the corner of the tablecloth. The dots on the dishes perfectly match the colors in the tablecloth.

 And the detail of the top.
 I also had a bunny placecard holder at each place. And a tiny tealight holder.
 Yvonne gave me the idea of putting the dessert dishes onto the table if room allows. So I placed the egg shaped, polka dot plates on another cake plate, then  some extra napkins and the dessert forks.

 I only have a setting for 4 of the green flatware so mixed my ivory handled flatware too.

 These are the napkins I got at Yvonne's shower for her almost daughter-in-law (who she calls her daughter in love)!!!!

We all had a really nice evening. Our menu was:
Pasta with artichokes and spinach to which I also added chicken  (I will share the recipe soon)
A broccoli casserole
A garden salad
Bakery bread
And for dessert, wonderful cupcakes!!!!
The hostess provides the main dishe and each girl brings something. It makes it much easier for the hostess!!! We try to get together once a month at someone's house.
Thanks so much for your visit. XO, Pinky
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