The other day was a cold, RAINY windy day so I worked in the basement storage area. I cleaned it up, went through some boxes that had just been put onto the new shelves and I found THIS beautiful cachepot, that I had forgotten about. So, of course I had to see what I could come up with for an arrangement for it. I wanted to add a touch of Spring to the great room coffee table so I pulled out my stash of flowers and got to work. I am sorry I didn't think to take pictures of the process:( Bad blogger!!! But here is the finished product. As I said, this cost me NOTHING since I had all these supplies at hand!!!!! Love that!!!!
 I wanted it to make a statement so made it tall and lush. I also wanted it to be kinda monocramatic so used whites, creams and soft greens. Love these lillies. The bells of Ireland are appropriate for St. Patty's, coming soon too.

 and hydrangeas are my faves!!! This green one really looks real.
 The container really dictated to me what to fill it with.
 Can you see the bees and bugs:):)
 The edge is cut out like this and so pretty.

 Orchids dress it up so beautifully.

 And this piece mimics the design on the container.

 My lantern has been on the coffee table and now it has found a new home for the time being.
 A lighter and brighter feel and look for Spring. Now, if only the WEATHER would cooperate!!!!
Think Spring, my friends. PLEASE!!!!! XO, Pinky
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