Happy second week of March to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty top notch. A date, much ORC progress, time with friends and some shopping. Not too shabby for old Elizabeth.

My 'shopping' is really just some quite mommy time on Sunday afternoon's when I walk around my favorite antique shop. I have never once NOT found thousands of dollars worth of goodies and this Sunday was no different. I was instagraming up a storm. I'll share all the goodies another day, but today I wanted to share my favorites.

This bench is my new obsession. It was in PERFECT condition, a great price and had a lovely tortoise shell type original finish. I dreamt about it last night. No lie.

I also found this little gem. A beautiful yellow and more bambo.

As I've chatted about before, I had lovely plans of getting a secretary to act as the new star of my entry. But the more I look the more I fear I won't find something that will fit properly in my tiny little spot. (see it in its current state here)

So the bench got me thinking. Thinking about how nice it would be to have a place for the girls to sit and put on their shoes (and put them away when they get home of course - yeah right). And in the spirit of day dreaming, I did some inspiration boards for an entry with a bench.

Now I'm off to go visit my bench and possibly hang around to make sure no one else touches it.

Ever dreamt about furniture? Have you ever found a piece that made you rethink an entire room? Can you really call a space a room when it has only two walls?


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