March is here and soon it will (finally) be spring. Thank god. There is no season that does more for my mental well being than spring. And since I try my best not to dance in the streets anymore, I celebrate this much needed change in little ways. Like on my hands.

My hands are in terrible shape right now. Thanks to another weekend spent working on the One Room Challenge the insides are an umpa lumpa orange from removing stain and my fingers are covered in paint...again. Not to mention their general dryness.

But as soon as my projects are complete, the first place I'm going is to get myself a mani/pedi. There is no better reward. Now to decide which spring colors to choose.

all colors by Essie
How do you celebrate the (almost) arrival of spring? Did this winter last as long for you? Have you seen my flip flops? I can't find them anywhere.


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