We are officially in the thick of it people. Thanksgiving is behind us (in the US), Chanukah is wrapping up and Christmas is coming. Cue the hysteria. I made an effort to not get online over the Thanksgiving holiday, not even my phone, and it was kind of like a digital master cleanse. It felt damn good I have to say and when we got home last night from a weekend of traveling and I was ready to gear up for Christmas. I didn't feel behind or stressed, I just felt...holiday-ish.

Then I sat down to my laptop and the stress settled in. Holy crap. I've gotten a wicked number of emails and articles and announcements telling me I can get 15% off here, 50% off there, use these coupon codes on these days, and jump three times in place while drinking water and tapping your head. And that doesn't even crack the book on all of the gift guides. Oy! I am on overload already and it is only December 2nd.

Jane Means

How do you manage all your holiday cheer? Do you keep up with all of the 'advice' or just go with what you know? What % lures you in to a sale? (I got an email for 7% off and let me tell you, that is NOT a sale. That's just foolish)


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