Hello my friends!!! I have so much to show you so I may be posting every single day. I usually can't do that but at this time of year I have  LOTS to share!!! I hope you won't get bored:) This is the buffet area in my kitchen and for Christmas I make it my Gingerbread Bar!!! I have collected these things the past few years and now have a great collection that I LOVE!
 Joe bought me this gorgeous, lighted gingerbread house last year. I really treasure it!
 THIS is what started it all: I saw this luminary (yes, it holds a candle), at Susan's "Between Naps on the Porch" a few years ago and immediately e-mailed her asking where she got it. It came from Hallmark so I started calling around and FINALLY found a store nearby that wasn't sold out! I am SO glad.
 Then I found this cute little one at Christmas Tree Shops.
 I had a couple of these Buyrers Choice Kindles but started adding to my collection of them too. Here is a new one this year: Joe came home one day a couple of weeks ago with 2 new ones for me:)
 This little lady is holding a frshly baked ncookie.
 The Christmas pickle girl:)
 This little guy has completed his house!
 And this guy is climbing the ladder to get to the top decorations!

 I think she is licking her fingers that had some icing on them:)

 He is proudly sitting up top.
 I got these 2 tiny trees at CTS too. This one and ..
 this one
 Here we have the Buyers Choice Gingerbread Santa and....
 Mrs. Claus.

 When I would find GB themed ornaments I would grab them too.

 And I loved finding this adorable runner!
 So, that is ONE part of my kitchen, please stop back for more. I will be sharing lots of rooms. XO, Pinky
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