Like sands through the hourglass, so is the mantel in my living room. The sucker is a revolving door of indecision. As my dear friend Linda says, I'm mantelly challenged. In fact, I've even got a board on Pinterest just for mantels - it is an obsession.

The bug hit again not too long ago and I changed it up after seeing what Bryn did with a client's mantel. I've got a collection of milk glass, why not put it to use.

This is probably the happiest I've been with the mantel in a while. Says the girl that will probably change the whole thing around next month.

I cannot begin to even count how many times I've changed this mantel around. This is the fourth mirror in 6 1/2 years, if that tells you anything. Psycho much?

I even found a few pictures of the evolution.

Thanks CNN Living for sharing my most recent mantel this week. Check it out here.

Is there a spot in your house that you change even more frequently than others? Do you have a mantel that you feel is never quite right? Want to place bets on how long before I change it all around again?


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