Good Sunday afternoon! I hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share the new pillows I have for the bench out front.  I actually bought them last year, in anticipation of the move. BTW, this time last year the basement was dug:):)  So, here they are: The green with white piping blends well with the seat cushion.
 This is a house plant that ALMOST died but I have nursed it back to health:) Trouble is, I don't know what it is!!!!:) I am gradually getting all of my flowers and plants into pretty, ceramic pots; inside and out!
 I just LOVE the crispness of the black and white! It is cooling to me.I actually found these pillows at Joann fabric, on clearance last year!
 We are lucky, this is a nice shady spot, never gets any sun, so perfect for a place to relax. The windows are the dining room, so I can see out to the bird feeder from the dining room. The blue birds are still around, in fact, I think they had a new brood!!! I love my crane's but I see I better get out ther and wipe them off, DIRTY BIRDS:):)
 Joe and I sit out here in the afternoon and/or evenings when it cools down SOME. Soon, we will be able to sit on our deck or patio!!!! HOPEFULLY work is supposed to start this week.  Have a great week, my friends. XO, Pinky
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