Hey sunshine! Did you have a good weekend? Spend anytime on Pinterest? I did (follow me here) and I actually had an occasion to search for something on one of my boards. It got me thinking - I pin like a mad woman, but how often do I ever really go back and look thru what I've pinned?

Not often enough is the answer. Why am I pinning all of these wonderful images if not to use them for inspiration/daydreaming.

So I've decided I'm going to use Pinterest to create my dream house and today I'm starting with the outside.

Something a bit farmhouse like is striking my fancy.

Or maybe cedar shake. Either way, I want lots of windows and a nice big front porch.

 Of course this frankenstein house is on a grand lot with a long winding path,

which takes you to a front door with some major presence

and window boxes everywhere.

There is a courtyard in the back with a lovely pool

surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens that my tan house boy CoCo maintains.

Beyond will be an herb garden that would make Ina proud

and more hydrangeas that I can count.

There also needs to be a gate somewhere

And a carriage house/garage, for CoCo's apartment of course.

What about you? What would your Pinterest dream house look like?


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