Happy Easter everyone! It is gorgeous here right now and Joe was out "putzing" around the pond so I thought I would take some pics. Tomorrow we will be planting about 80 annuals around the pond so it will look quite different tomorrow, then we will get mulch! Yvonne, this is for you!!!!!!:) Looking from the lower pond up towards the very upper pond. Joe built the new bridge last year.
 The bridge and creek. The creek goes down to the lower pond.

 A stepping stone that my SIL and her hubby gave us many years ago. I LOVE it, Thank you Jane and Bud!
 The main pond and the upper pond.

 The waterfall.

 Can you see the Bleeding heart blooming behind the lantern? It came up from seed! That is where the black pine was that broke in half this winter and was taken out.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all are having a great day! XO, Pinky


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