Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday the sun was streaming in the windows so I took some snapshots to share! We haven't had alot of sunshine so it was beautiful to me! Tomorrow is going to be GORGEOUS, 72 they say!!!! I can't wait! I plan to CLEAN out the garage! Today I went shopping at.............you guessed it, Home Goods and got just what I was looking for. I will share that tomorrow!  Sorry about this first picture: I forgot that Joe had some supplies ion the background:):) But this is one of my new pillows, that I LOVE!!!!
 One of the sofa tables.
 The coffee table.

 The hibiscus, that I have managed to keep ALIVE through the winter is full of buds and here are 2 blooms!!!!
 The small pillow is a new one too. I love how I can change the look with just new pillows!

 These elephants are my favorite thing!!!! They were bought by my FIL in Vietnam! They are a true TREASURE to me!!!!!!
Is he pretty!!!???

 The oriental screen.
 The hearth.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please let me know you were here! XO, Pinky


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