I thought I would take you through what I do to create a tablescape. This will not be our Easter dinner table but I had all these elements and thought this would be a cute table too! So, we start with this pretty tablecloth. I got it at a garage sale several years ago for $3.00!!!!!!!! It has bunnies, chicks etc. on it but in a very subtle pattern.

 Next, I took an egg wreath to encircle....
my LARGE "chocolate" bunny! He came from K-Mart several years ago. They carried them for 2 years, I think and they are so cute!!!! He is carrying a pretty bouquet of flowers for you!
 Next is a straw placemat/charger, that reminds us of an Easter basket.
 then a Spring green dinner plate.

 Followed by a brown and cream salad plate. The brown ties into the chocoalte bunny.

 At first I put these bunny candles on a nest of moss but didn't like it, and it was VERY messy! So, you will see what I changed it to in a second.
 I used my brown bamboo flatware. it seems organic and the color is pretty on this table.
 a rattan napkin holder holds cut green napkins.
 close up of the napkin rings
 Then I decided I would place 2 wicker pillar holders with pale green pillars beside the bunny.
 So, I used my mini grapevine tiny wreaths to encircle the bunny candle. I also rolled up some raffia to lift the bunny a litlle.
 aren't the little candles so cute! I love them!!!!

 It is dark and dreary out so the pictures aren't real bright, sorry!!!!
I did light the candles but the picture didn't really show it so I didn't include that picture. I will show you the "rea" Easter table soon. I have to wash some dishes and glases etc. before I can set that table! Tomorrow is suppsed to be near 80 degress so you can be sure I will be OUTSIDE, planting flowers and getting my deck put together!!!! I can't wait! I hope you have enjoyed this litlle step by step. I so appreciate all my bloggy frioends!!!! Happy Easter to you all!!!! Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge. I am linking to Susan's wonderul blog http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for Tablescape Thurs. RUN over there to see tons of beautiful tables!!!!!XO, Pinky


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