Today was a beautiful, sunny day, 69 degrees and a perfect day to be outdoors. So, out I went after laundry and vacuuming.I was SO excited to see ONE tulip that the deer didn't eat! You can see that they DID chew on the leaves but it survived!!!! It is such a pretty color. I used to have about 10 of them here in this spot:(

 Now, out back, in the woods a HUGE tree came down. It is totally uprooted!!!! It is probably about 50 feet tall, or WAS.
 You can see how big it was. Thank God it wasn't near the house.
 When it fell, it broke in several
 and here.
 Here is a shot of the whole thing.
 I also noticed that more fish were swimming around. The pond will be all cleaned up in a few weeks and look MUCH better soon!!! Stay tuned:):) There is more tree work to be done so we are waiting til that is completed to clean the pond.
 I counted 9 fish today and here are 8 of them.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!! Thanks for leaving a comment, I always read every one. XO, Pinky


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