Today I put away my winter things in the kitchen and dining room and decorated for Easter/Spring! I will show you the dining room tomorrow! I did some before and after pictures so this post is picture HEAVY.  Here is the hutch in the breakfast room (that my hubby MADE), before.
 Here it is with the BUNNIES!!!:)
 The table....
 And now. I kept the arrangement that our friends gave us for now til it all dies. It is so pretty and very SPRINGY!!!! I love it!
 This was on the table before.
 I put a runner on the table from Home Goods (of course), that I love because it is so plain and simple.
 Close up of the runner.
 Breakfast room server, before....
 and after! The 2 candy dishes are my Mom's, so I keep them. I have VERY few things from her.
 Detail of this runner.
 S and P on the lazy susuan. A bunny and a chick. And one of the small candy dishes.
 Bunny napkin holder.
 The counter before....
 After....I hope I am not boring you:):)

 I have several of these FAUX chocolate bunnies! OH!!! I just remembered I forgot to take a pic of the really BIG one on the fridge....sorry! But I am sure it will show up in a tablescape one of these days:):)
 Sink and counters....

 These 2 platters are from K Mart and match the S and P and napkin holder.

 Isn't he so cute in his little cage????
 Mama bunny. She reminds me of the Old Woman in the shoe who had so many children, she didn't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Bunny S and P on the stove.
 I bet you know what this is for......
 Yup, my scrubbie!:) It is really a votive holder but this is what I use it for.
 Some shots of the bunnies on the hutch.

 I love this guy and the next one too.

 Bunny in a burlap bag!

Hope you have enjoyed this little tour! I also hope the weather where you are is nice. It is still chilly here in Pa. and I am LONGING for Spring! The sun is out so that is a good thing! I am so anxious to PLANT FLOWERS!!!!!!  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. XO, Pinky  PS, click on any picture to enlarge it! I am joining Susan for Metamorphisis Mondat at


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