Ok, so these pics came out at the beginning of the post and I don't know how to change that:):) Here is the hutch totally "done". I am happy with it now:):)

Yesterday was a glorious day, it got up to 79 degrees!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to get alot accomplished and I DID!!! Here is some of it. In the morning I decoded I wasn't happy with the hutch, so I "embellished " it a little. Added some branches, then later added my "spice" dishes. I will add that picture at the end cause I forgot to put it here:):)I also took the flowers that were still alive and put them in this tulip vase for the table. I cut some forsythia to add to it too.

 I got Mrs. Bunny that other day at Michaels with my 40% off coupon. Isn't she CUTE!!??

 Detail of the tulip vase. I got this many years ago.
 Then it was out to my work table in the garage. During the winter stuff just got thrown out here and it was a big mess!
 I organized all the boxes a little better and cleared off the work table except for my latest project. I am going to make this wreath for next Winter!
 Then I cleared out all the leaves that had blown under the over hand in the front of the house. This is just a SMALL pile. There were ALOT more!
 Work in progress:)
 I also found my Bunny pillow and.....
My little chicky pillow!
 Embellished the bunny planter with some yellow flowers.
 Then it was dinner time. I had made the deviled eggs in the morning, we also had potato salad and sliced tomato for our burgers that Joe did on the grill. YUM!

 Joe's favorite beans, B and M. I don't like them so didn't have any beans:)
 It was so nice to eat with the sliding doors open and the breeze blowing. We could hahve eaten out on the deck but we haven't gotten the chairs out yet:) Even though I worked my BU__ off, I enjoyed every minute of it! I also stripped the bed and washed the sheets, swept and blew the front porch, driveway and breakfast room deck, and washed the glass on the storm door and the 2 big windows beside the front door. WHEW!!!!! Thanks again for stopping by! XO, Pinky


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