Yes, SNOW in October! Who woulda thought???? We went to a wedding today and left this morning in the snow and came home in SLEET and snow:(  This is CA RAZY weather!!!! I snapped some pics when we got home to show you. This is looking from the garage out to the front. I didn't want to get wet, I was all "dolled up" you know:):):)
I have NEVER had snow on the porch with Halloween decorations!!!!
 Looking from the foyer to out front.
 A half hour later we were getting an accumulation!

 Remember I showed you how WELL my impatiens were doing last week? HA! Not so well now, covered in snow:(
Hope you didn't get it too bad where you are. We actually got off pretty easy. The bride and groom were heading to the Poconos, and they were getting 8 to 10 inches there!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your day is SPOOKTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky


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