Last fall, while on a rare solo trip to Lowe's, I found myself wondering outside playing "if I had a million dollars I would do X with my yard" when I saw a man working to move a small group of sad little trees. "These trees have just been marked down to $5 for anyone who wants them. I don't want to have to move them!" Uhh, me please! I right away laid claim to the least 'on the verge of dying' one I could pick out and left with a smile on my face. Luke helped me plant the poor sucker, and for a while, I wasn't sure if it would last. But this little sucker has shot up out of no where this spring/summer and is now producing the most beautiful foliage in my yard. In a neighborhood full of Oaks (beautiful trees but not known for their fall color) the little $5-tree-that-could provides some nice cheery fall color. Best five dollars I could have spent.

Happy $5 tree


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