Hi everyone! Hope you are all ready for a fun weekend. We are going to a wedding tomorrow so that will be FUN!!!Even though they are predicting some SNOW!!!! Just a LITTLE though. Our leaves are NOT glorious this year:(. So far. I am hoping for more color SOON! I took some shots from around the house for you. This is out the kitchen window.
 This next one is looking out the back sliding glass doors.
 It is NOT pretty on the deck right now. I could sweep and blow the leaves 3 times a day. That is NOT happening:):)
 The begonia is still blooming!
 And the impatiens.
 This is looking out the front windows that flank the front door.
 Then I went upstairs to the sliding glass doors in our room.
This is NOT dirty glass, it is the screen:) I guess IT is dirty:):)
 And out our bathroom window. Yes, I have a view of TREES from every single window or door in this house.

 Looking out the windows on the upstairs bridge. I just blew the driveway on Wed.
 Now for the ugly part: this is my poor hibiscus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:( I am SO upset! I don't know what happened but the leaves have turned yellow and are falling off!!!! NOOOOOOO! We kept this alive all last winter and now this! I am going to PRUNE it hard and hope it comes back. I'll let you know. I love this plant, love that it is braided and last year it BLOOMED inside for a long time. So sad. Keep you fingers crossed. Have a GREAT weekend everyone. XO, Pinky


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