Hi everyone! This morning I left early to go to Lancaster County to a friends house. It was drizzly and foggy and there was NO traffic! I had brought my camera so thought I would take some shots. Don't worry, I STOPPED for each picture. I promise!!!!! I dodn't believe in texting and driving let alone taking pictures and driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a beautiful farmers field that when it is sunny and bright is a GORGEOUS sight!
 These trees are in their Autumn splendor!
 The corn is done and ready to be cut down.

 There are homes on the right side of the road here. WHAT a magnificent VIEW they have!!!!!

 I wasn't able to get a shot of a flower garden. I think the Amish people are very precise in their plantings. The women's flower gardens are as pristine as these magnificent fields!
 You will see lots of buggies up here in the Amish country!

 A field of cows.
 These 2 were right alongside the road! When I stopped they didn't even look up:):) Too busy eating!!!!

 Lots of farms along the way.
Thanks for coming along on my little drive. Hope it is a better day where you are! Hopefully we will see the sun soon. I wish I could send some of this to TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky
I am joining Honey at 2805 for her Potpourri Party. Her link is on my sidebar, just click on the box!!!!


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