YES!!! You read that correctly! I know you are all DYING. Yvonne and I met through blogging and have become very dear friends. It is a friendship I treasure. She lives in the bucolic countryside of Lancaster county. It is GORGEOUS, and just a 45 minute drive for me. This is not the first time I have been at Stone Gable, we have shared several lunches, dinner and she has been here. I did NOT take pictures at her house, I will leave it to her to blog about our lunch if she wants to. But, I wanted to share this beautiful scenery. This is not Yvonne's house, just an Amish home along the way.
 This part of Lancaster county is Amish country. There are many horse and buggies to see and the MOST adorable little children you will ever lay eyes on!
 I promise, I pulled over and stopped for these shots, I didn't get them while speeding along the road:):)
 But the scenery along the way is spectacular and I wanted to share that. As you can see in my mirror, there was noone behind me:):)
 There are many farms along the way. I saw alot of cows and horses but there was always someone behind me then and I couldn't stop.

 This is the town of Strasburg, Pa. they have a train depot and museum that my hubby and I have seen several times.
 I was STOPPED in traffic, due to road construction and this guy just happened to be here!

Joe and I love to take a day trip, drive up to Lancaster county and shop, have a nice lunch and come home. We have done that MANY times. It is great shopping too. Yvonne is lucky to live in this wonderful area. THANK YOU, Yvonne for another wonderful day together. As you can imagine, lunch was FABULOUS!!!! I was so full, I didn't eat dinner:):) Thanks to you all for stopping by. XO, Pinky


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