I started working on ideas for my living room a few weeks ago and I'm having some good times with these fabric and paint ideas. (I'll share my board soon) I've realized though, that I have a color phobia. I'm usually down with all colors, and don't have any particular fear of using any of them...except for one.
I've tried to use it a few times - in paint, fabric, accessories - and I almost always chicken out. Its sad. I'm thinking I might need therapy. 
This is my sole dip into the orange pool. Chicken.

I really like orange. And I find that I pin it a ton.

Tobi Fairley
Style at Home
Amy Weaver
Tobi Fairley
Martha Stewart
Style at Home
Amie Corley
Peppermint Bliss
Is there a color you are scared to use but always seem drawn to?

Also, before I go, a big THANK YOU to Apartment Therapy for featuring our deck redo this week. Can I get a WAHOO?! (And thanks to Charmaine for sending the link to me)


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