The upholstery bug bit me again and I blame Craigslist. I found these chairs for an incredible steal ($25 for BOTH) and I couldn't pass them up. The lady was as nice as could be. They were her mother's chairs and have sat in her garage for months. They "just weren't my style" she told me. Well, they are my style lady. Me and your 95 year old mother.

These will be easy peasy compared to the couch and I'm wanting some fun fabric this time.

AND, I'm going to try the cushions myself as I also scored a sewing machine on Saturday at a garage sale. Never been opened, brand new. Raise the roof to that people! Keep in mind I don't have the first clue how to sew, but I'll worry about that small technicality later.

The bulk of the weekend however was working on the deck. And aside from a few flower pots we're done. My house's reverse mullet has officially been cut. Stay tuned for the reveal.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting to report? Anyone know of any wonderful fabric sales going on?


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