I used to be a fan of Restoration Hardware. For a long time, I had a hookup to 'Resto' and enjoyed a healthy discount. And believe me, I used it. I've gotten a number of things from them over the years - from the paint color in my living room to my old dining room table.

But just like your senile aunt, I think Restoration Hardware has finally lost their marbles.

It was crazy enough when Resto started making all of their furniture to fit the Jolly Green Giant, but now we have this.

Are you kidding me?

Not only is the 'deconstructed' part rough to the touch but I felt that fabric in the store people and it is nothing but muslin. You know, the fabric they use on Project Runway as their template...before they sew on the real fabric.

I think this came from a dare at Restoration Hardware headquarters. At happy hour one night and they started playing the 'would people buy it' game. Crazy Herb from accounting said, "just take our existing chairs and pull the fabric off." Oh Herb!

Save yourself $1600. If you are interested in a chair like this, I'll be happy to pull something off the side of the road for you and just rip the upholstery off.

What do you think? Are you picking up what Restoration is throwing down? And don't let my subtle opinion influence you in any way. :)


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