This week my oldest has camp, so my 1-year-old and I have been enjoying some alone time together. And since she isn't old enough to say she otherwise, I've decided dragging her to store after store was the way to go. She is one fab shopper and just a general 'go with the flow' awesome baby, so she appeases me. As long as we stop to pet the occasional ceramic dog, we are good.

It has been a while since I've checked in at my favorite antique mall (don't let the word 'mall' fool you, its good loot) so of course it was on my list of places to visit. And as always, there were a million and one things I wanted.

There are four of these chairs although he would let you buy them individually. Die.

One saucy ice bucket. This would turn my cocktail hour into something a bit more respectable.

Sorry, this seat is saved...for someone with a clean house. Considering most surfaces in my house have sticky finger prints and dog hair on them, I don't think the dealer would allow these to go home with me.

Hello luva!

It was obviously a chinoiserie kinda day at the mall.

And lucite.

And this one is neither chinoiserie nor lucite, but made me smile.

It is the Mary Katherine Gallagher of owls.Another great day at the ol' mall. And the cherry on top was the old lady who went on and on about all the things should would buy if she didn't have "so much junk in my trunk." Don't we all lady. 

Do you have a favorite spot you like to go to for inspiration? A place to waste time? A place to laugh at other people while eavesdropping on their conversations? Me neither. I would never do such a thing!


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