Happy Saturday everyone! This morning we had a "showing" of the house, so last night I went out and cut some hydrangeas for the living room. They are PROLIFIC bloomers and I have 10 bushes so plenty to cut!!! I LOVE them. And since I have a collection of blue and cream pillows on the sofa they are the perfect accent.
 What a beautiful welcome. The day is PERFECT today, sunny but NOT too hot.
 This is MY kind of weather.  You can see out to the back deck here and that is my FAVORITE place to be.
 We turn ALL the lights in the house on for a showing, as the realtor suggested. It is weird to have lights on with the sun shining brightly but, OK.
 I love the big mop heads of these flowers.

 The mantle is lit too. The carved wooden lanterns came from India. I had always admired them at my in-laws and LOVE that I got to inherit them.
 I ahve MOST of my blue and white collection of jars etc. packed away. It was suggested so that nothing really valuable got broken.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Thanks so much for your visit. XO, Pinky


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