HI everyone!!! I got my nails done today and then came home and gave myself a mini pedicure.  Geesh, my hands are wrinkly:(:(
 This may seem like a weird shot but I didn't know how to take my left hand while holding the camera in my right:):) I have gel nails, they NEVER chip. You get them filled like acryllics. I love them. You can also put a colored polish over the french if you want and when you take it off the french stays!!!!!!!!!!!
 I did my toes in a pretty, summery fushia color.
 I am leaving on Sat. morning for PART of our vacation. We were supposed to be gone for a week but I am only staying for part of the week. I am going alone, well driving myself, cause Joe has to stay home while the new septic system is being installed. We go on vacation with our best friends and their kids and grandkids!!!! Ther are usually around 22 of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a fun time, let me tell you.
We are VERY organized and each day one family is in charge of all 3 meals. BUT, it works out really well cause you only have ONE day to worry about and your DONE!!!!!!!!!! How great is that!. So for breakfast I am making egg casserole and sticky buns and fruit salad. Lunch will be meatball parm sandwiches, and a sald or pasta salad.. The meatballs are all made and in the freezer!!!!! Joe made them yesterday. He makes KILLER meatballs! Then dinner on our night is easy, peasy. You see, the "kids" wanted to take their parents out to dinner without the grandkids. They have never been able to do that. SO, Joe and I and Wenda's sister were supposed to babysit. Now it will be me and Gwen babysitting. It will be FUN!!!!! So dinner is probably going to be pizza!!! Easy. I wopn't have access to a computer, so I will be MIA from Sat. til probably Wed. night. I think I will come back Wed. I feel so bad that Joe can't go, he NEEDS a vacation. I so look forward to lying in the pool in my raft and sitting at the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am almost feeling relaxed just typing those words. See you all when I get back. Love to you all, Pinky


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