A classic movie line to start the day.

I've had a few people email asking about the stool underneath my bedside table. And I realized in my 'get this damn room done already' hysteria, I forget to mention the little nugget.

There is an annual rummage sale at a local high school that a dear friend and I look forward to every spring. It starts early, the lines are crazy and the people watching is out of this world. It is Filene's Basement level hysteria in there and we love it.

This year though the sale was a bit of a bust. We found a few things that were OK but nothing we thought was worth taking home. But, as we were walking out the door I spotted this sad little stool out of the corner of my eye. You know my affection for sad little things.

A Thonet Bentwood ottoman as they are known. A beat up imitation, but for two bucks I went with it.  I am a seating addict (stools, benches, chairs, sofas) and I had to get a fix.

Unlike a classic Thonet Bentwood ottoman, this stool's cane seat had been replaced with this...carpet. Sorry for the fuzzy shot but trust me, its ugly. Consider this the soft film treatment, like they put on Barbara Walters to make her look better.

I wanted a pop of something other than blue in the bedroom so I sprayed the chair with left over paint I had from the girls room. Still loving that color.
As for the seat, the carpet (and I'm not joking, it is carpet) was glued on there, so there was no taking that stuff off. Instead I used spray adhesive to cover it with a $2 outdoor fabric remnant and some black trim I had gotten awhile back from JoAnn's.
And with that, all done. I so love a fast DIY. It satisfies my impatient nature perfectly.

So there you have it. A $4 dollar project. Money well spent!

Have you used left over things to pull together a project lately? This does nothing but encourage my 'buying random remnants of fabric' hobby. Know of any good places to score remnants? Anyone had luck on Ebay?


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