I have a new friend. We spend hours together each day and she brings me nothing but pure joy. And what's best, I can carry her anywhere.

"She" is my Jambox. Our neighbors let us borrow theirs one afternoon for a test run and it was about an hour later that we decided we needed to put on our shoes and get one for ourselves. We've had it for about 3 months now and couldn't be happier.
This little honey has bluetooth capabilities which means that she somehow talks to my iPhone and they make sweet music together. I carry her with me to the basement and listen to Pandora while I fold laundry. Then I have her next to me while I listen to podcasts and cook dinner.

The sound it makes is just as good as any big huge stereo and girlfriend can get LOUD when you are ready to jam it out. Which, I try to do most afternoons around 3:30. The English have afternoon tea, I have an afternoon jam. The girls and I turn up the GoGo's and as Yo Gabba Gabba would say, we "get the sillies out".

But I digress.

They even sell a little chain so you can wear it around your neck Flavor Flav style, if that's your bag. You can custom design yours in any color you like and it is so small and unobtrusive it blends right into the room without screaming "look at my sweet hifi system"!

The point is, if you enjoy music half as much as I do, at a volume half as loud as I do, you for sure need yourself a Jambox.

Have you been surprised by a piece of technology lately? Do you ever worry that you've got the music too loud and you'll permanently deafen your children? Nope, not me either.


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