I had my sights set on a new secretary for my entry. Not the ‘here is your coffee and you have a call holding on line 2’ type of secretary (are they even called that anymore) but a nice little piece of furniture. It was old, but not too precious that I couldn’t paint or change it up in some way without feeling bad. Character and charm to spare and spots for all the entryway things one needs. Just what I had in mind.
Except, it was 2 inches too deep. Two. Damn. Inches. I could have stuffed it in and made it work. But it would have been like those tight jeans that you can’t wear sitting down; great for one night and then just a regret in your closet…or basement as the case may be. And really what sense would that make? 
I had thought it was a take it or leave it piece and I was the tough cookie who would walk away if we couldn’t get it for the right price. But those extra two inches rejected me before I could reject it. And now that it is for sure not coming home with me, I feel a new obsession to find its replacement.

Something even better. 

I’m going to show those two inches I can live a happy wonderful life without them. I will survive.

Do you have a piece that got away? Have you ever had a design idea that was perfect in your head but never worked out in real life? Do you know anyway to move a wall two inches without having to make structural changes?


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