I mentioned on my 2013 goal list that I'm going to work on opening up a bit more about other parts of my life. Probably not to the lady next to me in line at the grocery store, or my dentist, but certainly to my uber supportive and loyal readers. (tear)

This I'm sure sounds easy to a lot of you but for me it will certainly be a challenge. I don't share a lot of things about myself readily. When I'm with my friends, I would much rather talk about them. In work I'm never good at patting myself on the back or tooting my own horn. It's not really a shy issue, as those who know me will testify - I'm so not shy. It's more of a "I'm sure (insert person's name here) doesn't care about (insert accomplishment here). I don't want to bother them with that boring stuff." So  that's probably a self-esteem issue? I don't know, there is probably a Lifetime Television movie that can work me thru it.


I've already been working on it for the past year. This blog was a huge step towards teaching myself that it is OK to tell others "Hey I did (insert accomplishment here) and I'm pretty proud of it."

Next step is to push myself a little to share more than just my own projects, but the projects that I do for others. And who knows, maybe even the occasional 'these crazy kids' story. No worries though, design is still my core.

I'm going to start small today with this little shocker. Did you know that you can 'like' little black door on Facebook? It's true. I'm on the cutting edge people. This Facebook thing is going places. And, I'm also on Twitter. I just blew your mind, I know. I'm on Instagram too, but that's a long story that shows nothing but my Instagram ignorance.

So make my Friday, and have some fun. Go on over to Facebook, and Twitter and 'like' me. Shameless plug indeed. If you do, I promise to never post another inspirational quote. Ever.

Happy Weekend!


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