I'm on the hunt. (imagine me in fabulous riding boots and a wonderful tweed jacket with my beagle by my side)

I've got a piece of furniture begging for a paint job. It's true. It told me it wanted to be painted. In a heavy Scottish accent oddly enough. So it's very possible I misunderstood, but I'm certain he said he wanted to be navy.

Happy to oblige Scottish furniture, but the problem is there are no fewer than 10,000 different paint colors claiming to be navy. You may remember I've had navy paint problems in the past, so I'm still rather nervous about making another navy pick.

There is after all a fine line between "that's a really dark royal blue" and "is that black...or blue". I'm going for "hot damn that is one fine piece of navy furniture!".

Something like this...

So don't hold out on me. Do you have any good navy paint colors in your stash? Please share if you do!

Do you have a color you can never seem to get right? Have any talking furniture? For more furniture ideas see my Pinterest board.


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