Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We are still recovering from a weekend of 2-year-old birthday party fun and now preparing for the 2-year-old check up that will be happening in just a few short hours. (how I hate when my wee ones get shots)

But before I go I thought I would leave you with some mirror eye candy. I noticed lately that I'm pinning a lot of mirrors. The irony of which is not lost on me as I just got a hor.rif.ic haircut and won't be looking in a mirror for quite some time. Maybe I should start pinning hats too.

Mirrors are one of the best decorating tools available as they can instantly change a room, and great ones are available at every price point. When in doubt about what to put on the wall, add a mirror. You can never have too many. (I have an extra 6 in my basement 'store' right now)

Find these images and more on my Pinterest board.

Do you have a favorite mirror? Have you found/seen any cool ones lately? Any suggestions on how I get my hair to grow at lightening speed?


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