Here we are at week 3 of the One Room Challenge (see previous weeks here) and I'm still on this blasted chair.

There are many times in the past week when I was moments away from taking a hatchet to this chair. This wench was vicious. I think she was punishing me for painting her.

For a reupholstery tutorial you can go see my other projects here and here but I will not be sharing any reupholster tips here because this was not pretty.

I broke 1...2...3 stapel guns on this chair. (half of those holes were already there, and half of those are mine)

I had to cut, and recut and then cut again to match up the lines.

Tucking fabric in, pulling it out and moving it an inch to the left and then an inch to the right.

And there is the ripped fabric. One lesson learned, fabric does not like to curve the way I would like it to.

Oh, the horror. I'm calling this one done.

I originally had plans to add some nice grosgrain trim and then nail heads on top. But after all the trouble with this...lady, I didn't have the strength. Instead I went with nice bendy trim. Master of the curves.

I've got paint touch ups from a few run ins with that staple gun that left a mark...or eight. But I'm moving on. No time left to wallow. 

I'm playing with my sewing machine (finally) and using my exacto knife. But not at the same time

And finally, in the stellar mom category I'm making my poor children suffer in this half broken down room.

Floor planning is slow but progress is being made, finally. Ceiling fan is down, rug is gone and holes are patched and ready for painting this weekend. A big change is on the way.

So here is where we stand on the list.
  1. Come up with functional floor plan Progress
  2. Paint walls/ceiling/trim
  3. Paint dresser (new hardware?)
  4. Update vanity (maybe some fun color or hardware) Progress
  5. Find curtains and add trim
  6. Add a rug and new bedding Progress
  7. Hang art and create some personalized pieces
  8. Find/Install new light fixture (buh bye ceiling fan) Progress
  9. Reupholster chair and possibly add comfy floor cushions 
  10. Find/Make lampshade(s) 
Now let's see how the others are progressing!


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