I'm working with a dear friend on a living room refresh. She recently switched her dining room and living room and wants to make the new living room a cozy spot for reading, iPad watching and the occasional violin practice. (iPad for her and violin for the kids). I need to show you her dining room by the way - so good.

What I love best about working with her is that I just plant the seed and girlfriend runs with it.  And since she is a mucho talented graphic designer, she always adds some killer flair along the way. Flair on your Chochkies uniform might be a thumbs down, but flair in your design is always a good thing. Flair is what takes a room from just pretty to pretty awesome.

She is also good to indulge me in my color addiction and I try to limit myself to two colors in an effort not to drive her off a cliff. Is that teamwork or what?

Plan is set and in motion. Furniture has been delivered, bookshelves arrive next week and the grasscloth is in the corner ready to go up. Now all we need is some multi-day childcare so we can drink some wine get to work. Of course I'll be sure to share some pictures when it is ready for its closeup.

Got a space that you want to refresh? I can help. Email me at thelittleblackdoor@gmail.com.

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