Happy Friday all!

This week I poured over the new issue of Matchbook probably at least once a day. I tell ya I can't get enough of that thing.

One image that I kept coming back to was this one.

Bailey's house in Matchbook

OK, so really it is three images, but I'm looking at the same thing in each one - the very cool match strike collection.

While they are by no means a new thing, I seem to be noticing them more and more in magazines. They are a great sculptural element and make a great addition to a coffee table, mantel or vanity. Much better than the free matchbook in the bathroom for sure. You can find vintage ones in antique stores and Etsy and I think they would make a great thing to keep an eye out for on vacations and trips. A unique souvenir to bring home.


This one is just funny.

I think I found a new collection.

I'm off to get my arse in gear for tomorrow's celebration. Eve is turning two! It won't be the big celebration we had last year, but good times are on the menu.

Also, I'm over at A Lived in Home today talking about some things I've learned from DIYing. Make sure to check it out.

Have a great weekend!


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