Good Sunday eveing! We had a BIG storm here early tonight. I got a shot, below of the clouds rolling in from the back deck. Joe and I were sitting out there having a drink when it started.
 The wind began to BLOW and leaves and branches started to fall!
 We went upstairs to our deck off the master bedroom to watch the storm.  This is the side yard, and this is where the septic guys went through to get to the back yard. It is all torn up but will be raked and seeded when the HEAT is gone.
 A river of rain was running down the side yard:(:(
 This area USED to have rhododrendrons and pachysandra covering it. NOW, it is bare and WET and MUDDY..... It is so sad to see this mess, BUT we will get it all cleaned up and looking better SOON.
Another chapter in this journey. XO, Pinky


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