I've had my eyes out for a garden stool for quite some time and I think I finally found a winner.

 I love the various shades of maroon and grayish green. And the roses. The Golden Girls style is making a comeback. I mean, everything about the 80's was so beautiful.


This lady is fugly. But she was only $12 so I couldn't pass her up.

Originally I just planned to spray her white and call it a day.

But after all the fun talk of DIY'ing some gold polka dots last week, I couldn't resist.

I already had some leftover stencil sponges and gold paint (of course) so all I needed was a stencil from Michaels. (This was such a spur of the moment decision that I didn't even think to take this pic until after the fact. Bad blogger!)

I was a bit worried that the paper stencil wouldn't really hug the rounded stool well enough, but it worked like a charm. And a great perk was that any mistakes I made wiped up easily.

I didn't really have a plan (surprise surprise) and just randomly 'polka-dotted' as I saw fit. The whole project was 15 minutes.

No styled image available yet as this sucker will be in the living room, but I'm loving it so far. Somebody better take my gold away before I painted my children.

Have you tried to style a garden stool? Impossible. Any good stencils you recommend? Anyone else ready to kick Ramona off the island? (I love my RHNY)

Happy Tuesday!


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