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I'm thrilled that Elizabeth invited me over today while she is away on vacation (lucky lady).

Fall fashion this year is calling for lots of army greens and camo wear.

Often we see fashion creep into decor, but this one might be a bit trickier. Too much and it could start to look too masculine, or worse...themey.

via pinterest
The key to getting this look right in fashion is to keep it a little edgy (notice the leather jacket), mostly neutral (the hat) and add in some feminine touches (the gold nails and black pumps!).

With this in mind, I've gathered some pieces to show you how to translate this fashion trend into timeless home decor:

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The main army piece in this room is the chair:

via Stephen Kenn
It's actually constructed from genuine repurposed WWII military fabric. How cool is that? A conversation piece with a sense of history. It works because the khaki green colour is a classic neutral.

The floral pillow uses the same colours as camo and the deer head pillow creates a slight hunting feel.

The silver tray, bronze garden stool and blue sofa help to break up the army motif and add contrast.

Let's see how this motif has been used by others:

^ A subtle and abstract camouflage wallpaper used in a nursery!

via Sarah Richardson
^ Sarah Richardson employs this scheme subtly with wool army blankets, olive green walls, and camo colored fern window treatments.

What do you think of this fashion trend? Do you think you would be bold enough to incorporate it in the home?

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