One of my living room challenges is the layout. I believe, in fact, it is number 3 on my list. Now normally I have no problems with layouts. In fact, that's usually how I put myself to sleep at night (instead of counting sheep I move furniture).

But this time, I've got an elephant in the room. She is big and bossy and I love her.

The 'egg piano'.

For years my grandmother saved the money she earned selling eggs each week (from her chickens. on the farm. not her eggs.) to buy this piano. It was her pride and joy. It was later passed on to my parents and was the piano I took lessons on. Then, a few years ago my parents downsized and the piano came to live at my house.

But that wahoo comes with a however.

This baby is big. And there are very few places she will fit. And after finding her spot, there is the even bigger issue of how to treat her. For whatever reason, styling a piano seems daunting to me. Even Pinterest didn't have many examples. (bite my tongue, I know)
via Pinterest
The Selby
Miss Mustard Seed
Home Life
Residence via Scandinavian Chic 
So what say you? Have you ever worked with a piano? Any ideas on how to integrate it? What would you buy with your egg money?


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